Working Group

Who We Are

The Reddish Egret Working Group was established in 2005, with six members. The group met to discuss the status of Reddish Egret populations in Texas, Mexico, and Florida.

Over the past 13 years the Reddish Egret Working Group has grown to ~100 members, including biologists from federal and state governmental agencies, NGOs, universities, and joint ventures throughout North, Central and South America.

What We Do

The working group seeks to develop and implement science-based conservation and management strategies for Reddish Egrets throughout their range. This is accomplished by working together to develop monitoring protocols, set population and habitat management goals, and protect nesting and foraging habitat. Further, we aim to continually increase our knowledge of Reddish Egret ecology.

The working group meets annually to discuss ongoing research and conservation efforts for Reddish Egrets, priorities for future research and management, and possibilities for collaboration among members. We strive to increase membership and involvement, with the goal of having members that represent the species’ entire range.


2006: Status Assessment completed (Green 2006), formed the basis for guidance for the working group

2014: Reddish Egret Conservation Action Plan published and goals set

2018: Subcommittees established


Population Goals

Nesting Habitat Goals

Interim Goal: Establish, maintain and increase habitat at focal colony sites, defined as the locations that should be priorities for collective conservation effort.

Click here for a list of the proposed focal colony sites.

Anticipated Goal: A quantitative goal for focal colony sites.

Foraging Habitat Goals

Interim Goal: Identify and protect foraging areas

Anticipated Goal: A quantitative goal for focal foraging areas. The Working Group is committed to compiling and mapping information on known foraging areas and identifying potential, currently unknown areas.