Please be on the lookout for color-banded Reddish Egrets along the Gulf of Mexico coastline (Louisiana, Texas, Mexico) as well as Pacific Coast of Mexico. In 2006, we initiated a color-banding program for Reddish Egret nestlings along the Texas coast. From 2006 – 2007, we banded nestlings with orange vinyl tags that attached to the USGS aluminum band on the leg of the bird. The orange tags have an alphanumeric code stenciled on the tag (e.g. A27). In 2008, we begin banding nestlings with colored plastic bands with alphanumeric codes. If you observe one of these tagged individuals, please record the location, date, and alphanumeric code (if possible) and any additional information you deem important.

Please fill out this form to report a sighting of a banded Reddish Egret: