Working Group Chair:  Kelli Stone

Kelli has been leading the working group since 2017. She is a Migratory Bird Biologist with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Email Kelli.

PlanningClay Green

Clay is leading the planning committee for the working group. He is a Professor of Biology at Texas State University. Clay has been involved with the Reddish Egret Working Group since 2005 and studying Reddish Egrets since 2000. His research on Reddish Egrets includes breeding surveys across the species’ range, movement ecology using color banding and satellite telemetry, population genetics, nesting ecology and plumage dimorphism. He is also President of the Waterbird Society and Co-Chair of the IUCN Heron Specialist Group. As Chair of the Planning Committee, his goal is to revise the range-wide Conservation Plan (Wilson et al. 2012) and work with working group members and partners for management unit and country specific business plans. Email Clay.

Members: Dean Demarest, Jesus Franco, Bill Vermillion

Habitat ManagementJonathan Moczygemba

Jonathan is leading the Habitat Management committee for the working group.  He is a Wildlife Biologist with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service – Coastal Program and is stationed at Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge.   Additionally, Jonathan serves as the Chairperson of the Laguna Madre Initiative Team and the data compiler for the annual Lower Laguna Madre colonial waterbird census.  Jonathan has spent a majority of his career serving on research committees assessing habitat management techniques for Tamaulipan thornscrub and coastal prairie restoration in south Texas.  Many of these techniques have been applied to native shrub restoration efforts on several islands in the Lower Laguna Madre. Email Jonathan.

Members: Javier Banda, Trey Barron, Rafael Rodriguez Mesa, Salvador Narvaez, David Newstead, Ann Paul, Victoria Vazquez, Bill Vermillion, Woody Woodrow, Ricardo Zambrano

Research and MonitoringSamantha Collins

Samantha is the leader of the research and monitoring committee for the Reddish Egret working group. Samantha serves as the research ornithologist at Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Her work in southwestern Louisiana focuses on conducting research projects on Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) listed by the Louisiana Wildlife Action Plan to assist in management, conservation and restoration decisions. She has been conducting work on Reddish Egrets in Louisiana since 2015 and has deployed transmitters on adults at nesting locations statewide to determine movement patterns, habitat use and dispersal. Samantha is involved in the range-wide color banding effort for reddish egrets and collaborates with working group members to collect genetic samples on captured adults and juveniles to assist with our understanding of gene flow, population dynamics, survival, habitat use and movement patterns. Email Samantha.

Members: Alfredo Alvarez, Bart Ballard, Andrew Cox, John van Dort, Alieny Gonzalez-Alfonso, Clay Green, Ariam Jimenez, Joyce Kleen, Ken Meyer, David Newstead, Mitch Sternberg, John van Dort, Victoria Vazquez

Communications:  Lianne Koczur

Lianne is leading the communication committee for the Reddish Egret Working Group. She is currently the Science and Conservation Director for Birmingham Audubon Society. Lianne studied the movement ecology of adult Reddish Egrets for her doctoral research at Texas A&M University-Kingsville during 2014-2017.  Email Lianne.

Members:  Edwin Alcocer, Stephanie Bilodeau, Emily Clark, Ernesto Gómez, Alieny Gonzalez-Alfonso, Arnulfo Moreno

Central America Liaison:  John van Dort

An environmental consultant based in Honduras, John is the contact person for the Reddish Egret Working Group in Central America. He is a Research Associate of Zamorano University in Honduras, with a special interest in waterbirds of the region. Email John in English or Spanish.

John, un consultor ambiental con sede en Honduras, es la persona de contacto del Grupo de Trabajo Garza Rojiza en Centroamérica. Es investigador asociado de la Universidad Zamorano en Honduras, con especial interés en las aves acuáticas de la región. Contacta a John en inglés o español.